Facilitator Program

Are you willing to be the spark of possibility that changes the world?

— Diva Diaz

What would it be like to create a world where labels and disabilities didn't exist the way they do now? Where each one of us was empowered to be the contribution we truly be to this world regardless of our capacities and abilities?

What if you were the spark of inspiration for people to leave behind their diagnosed realities and step into their true capacities and difference they truly be?

What is required to be an Access X-Men Intro Class Facilitator?

We are happy you asked!!

Highly Recommended

Yearly Renewal:

  • Attend either LIVE or Livestream a 2 day Access X-Men Class Disabilities or Abilities? Class Every Year.
  • Pay the licence fee of €210
  • Pay royalties of 25% on intro classes and 30% on 1 day class

Would you like to apply to become an XIF? Fill out this form and send an email to accessxmen@accessconsciousness.com with your request!


What is required to be an Access X-Men Certified Facilitator?

  • Be an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator 
  • Attend Two 2-Day Access X-Men: Disabilities or Abilities? Classes with (one has to be live)
  • Attend Access X-Men: Creating The Real Future Class with Gary & Diva
  • Attend 4-Day Access X-Men Facilitator Class with Gary and Diva
  • Apply to be a XCF (Access X-Men Certified Facilitator)
  • Pay $810 EURO (approx. $1000 USD) Monthly Fee, Receive your Welcome Pack and get started! 

For information about upcoming Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator Classes please click here.


The Access X-Men are Benevolent Leaders; they see the world through a lens of infinite possibilities and are willing to create those possibilities from choice, question and contribution.

Diva Diaz, X-Men Facilitator